Caitey and Sisco


Our philosophy

For us, it’s all about the relationship of the student and the horse.  Our horses have so much to teach and give so much love to our students.  It’s about the moment the student breaks through a struggle.  It’s about the moment a shy little girl takes up the reins and takes control of her destiny.  It’s about overcoming adversity and learning leadership.

Meet the Team

Our riding instructors are dedicated in bringing the best out of each student.


Alisha McGinnis



I started my lifelong love affair with horses when I was 6 years old in Delray Beach.  My mom, having enough of my horse craziness purchased my first riding lesson.  Much to her chagrin, it was like tossing a match in a vat of lighter fluid.  I received my first horse two years later.  He was a fat, pinto pony named Tonto and he taught me so much about life and horse.  Since then, I have had many wonderful horses.  I have shown all over the state of FL but I have always had a passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge.  I have been teaching English and Western professionally in Pinellas County since 2001 when I received my certification from CHA.   I am a managing partner and instructor at A&A Equestrian Coaches.


Amanda Alquest

Managing Partner & Instructor 


I am a managing partner and instructor at A&A Equestrian Coaches.  My daughter took lessons with Alisha when she was just 6 years old.  We rescued a pony from a junk yard and my daughter named her Freedom.  She was unbroken, hyper and a bit wild.  Please don’t do what we did, always take a professional with you when looking at a horse.  It took many years and lots of blood, sweat and tears but we trained Freedom and my daughter has won many barrel races on her.  I love teaching the beginner riders all about safe horsemanship!


Next Steps…

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