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There is a horse show coming up this weekend.  It’s a schooling show and I encouraged one of our students (aged 9) to participate.  She has been coming to club for some time now and has fallen in love with Sisco, my Rocky Mountain gelding.  It’s hard not to fall in love with Sisco.  He’s a character with lots of personality who is happy to great you with a smile.

This is Sisco and his adorable smile.

Ava expressed a desire to ride more often and her parents agreed to allow her to have lessons on weeks that we do not have club.  I discounted the club and lessons to help with the cost. (see our services for details on this discount)

I recognized a kindred spirit in Ava, she’s what we call a “horse girl”.  She lives and breathes horses.  She and I probably have the same Breyer Horses, though mine are from the 1980’s.  She always shows up at the barn with great positive energy.  The horses respond with the same positive energy to her.  They all just love her, even when she forgets to bring treats.  Ava is eager to learn and she has so much try.  “Try” is a horse term to express how much a horse will try for you even if they are frightened in a situation.  Ava has a lot of “try”.  Sisco is not the easiest horse to learn on.  He’s only 4, turning 5 in April.  He is not bad, he’s just really smart and he will test his rider, even me.  Ava never gives up and she never lets Sisco frustrate her beyond control.  I really admire her “can do” attitude toward the horses.

I decided to invite Ava to show in her first local show a couple weeks ago.  We have been working hard on what is expected at the show.  Mom had some questions about what the costs were.  This is the reason I am writing this blog.

Costs can be different depending on the show we are going to.  This show is local so transportation fees are only $20 per horse.  If the horse is being used by several students, then parents can split this cost between them.  This is paid directly to the person pulling the trailer to and from the show.

Trainers fee for this show can range from $25 to $50 for the day.  If it’s a leadline or walk class, it’s $25 that goes to the instructor.  If it’s a riding class then it will be $50 that goes to the instructor.  The instructor may have multiple students riding in the show.  The instructors fee is per child.  What does the instructor do for the Trainers Fee?  She will help the parents register the child at the show.   She will help the student tack up and warm up with a mini lesson before the class.  She will probably stand on the arena fence line while the student is in the class, mentally riding every stride the student is riding for real.  She probably will do a bit of coaching from the sidelines because she can’t keep her mouth shut.  She will be proud of her student even if the student eats dirt!  We came, we showed and there is nothing better than doing what you love on a weekend with people who share the same passion.  If you don’t think that is worth $50 per student, come out to the barn the day before and watch all the work she put into making that horse look like a superstar.

Finally the show fees.  These are the class fees you pay to the show.  For this show, the class fees are $6.00 per class with a one time $3.00 per horse grounds fee.

I expect Ava to show in 2 or 3 classes.   She decided this past Saturday that she would like to show Little Foot (my 13.2 hand Hackney/Shetland pony).  I agreed that was a wise choice since Little Foot is accustomed to that arena and Sisco is not.   We decided to switch to English and have our lesson on Little Foot.  She did remarkably well on Foot and riding English.   With Sisco, she rides gaited and there is no posting as there is no trotting.  This is all new to Ava but she worked hard and even rode no stirrups and posted on the lunge line for the first time.  We have one more lesson before the show and I have to teach her the diagonals at the trot.  This will be fun!

After her lesson on Saturday, I ran into them at the local feed store, Amber Glen Feed Depot.  We shopped a bit for the show and Ava got new boots and new riding pants.   Mom probably dropped about $100 in less than an hour, bless her, but Ava is going to look great at the show!  I dropped over $100 in feed and grain for my two horses but I got my free bag of dog food (Bayside Select) with their awesome dog food program and I got $5.00 off my order with the rewards program.  I love shopping at Amber Glen!!

So next lesson, for Ava, posting on the correct diagonal, what to expect inside the arena.  For mom, how to do Ava’s hair for the show.

Good news, Sisco is going to the show and I plan to put tack on the trailer that will fit Ava.  If he’s being good, Ava can show in in a class or two.  If not, she always has Little Foot.

Little Foot

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