How much do horses cost?

Updated: Apr 20

Everything... They will cost you... everything.

It's a joke, but not false if you factor in the time and sweat, you'll put in on top of the cost.

Let's break down the bare finances.

Stall: $225 per horse for self-care.

We rent stalls at Sidekick Stables. It's like an apartment building for our horses. Every barn is a different price and comes with different amenities. We prefer self-care, so $225 is just for the stall and the only other thing the barn does is dump the feed we set up four times a day.

Feed: $30 a bag

Hay: $19 to $22 a bale

Supplements: $30-$129

Feed and supplements last almost a month. It's the hay that is most important. We feed five to six bales of Orchard Grass or Timothy a month, per horse. Some require more hay but usually never less. After forty years of feeding horses, I've learned that plenty of good quality hay is more vital than any premium grain you'll ever feed. It's also cheaper than a vet bill. The adage, "Healthy as a horse." is a lie. Horses can get sick on you quicker than slick if you feed cheap hay and don't provide clean water.

Healthy Horse Vet Bills: $200 - $700 per year, per horse.

Vaccinations, dentistry, Coggins test are all general maintenance things that must be done. The vet visits twice a year.

Sick Horse Vet Bills: Astronomical. Seriously. I've paid $500 to $5000 dollars depending on how badly the horse is injured or sick. The latest cost for the removal of a dead horse was $1200. No, they won't get rid of your husband. Horses only.

Farrier: $40 - $150+ a visit.

My horses don't have shoes. We call them barefoot. A trim from my farrier is $40 a visit, per horse and he comes every 5 weeks. The old adage, "No hoof, no horse." applies and is very valid. We don't mess around with farriers who don't come out regularly and are not qualified to trim hooves.

Now, prices are always fluctuating, and I didn't include other incidentals like shavings, pitchfork replacements, wheelbarrows, horse trailer storage, buckets, fly spray, blankets, polo wraps, tack, grooming items and shampoos.

There is always something breaking and always something running out.

Want to help take care of Little Foot, Sisco and Kraken?

Here's a short list of things we use up quickly.

Stuff you can get at the local feed store:

• Fly spray.

• Horse treats.

• Wormers (Ivermectin, safeguard, quest)

• Shavings (pelleted and fine flake)

Stuff you might have laying around the house:

• Old towels and wash cloths.

• Shampoo and Conditioner (Humankind works just as good as horse kind)

• Sanitizer, masks, and disinfecting spray.

• Bottled water

• Snacks for kiddos

• Little Foot loves Gingersnaps, Sugar Cubes, and Peppermint Candy. So does Sisco, Kraken... Alisha.

We buy our feed locally from Amber Glen Feed Depot but we also go to Largo Feed and Oak Hollow Tack so it doesn't matter where you buy the items you want to donate. We appreciate it all.

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