Our riding lessons are not just about riding. We teach safety and control on the ground as well as in the saddle. Students will learn how to groom, tack, ride as well as put a horse away. In order to build a solid foundation, ground work is a part of horsemanship and all our lessons. 

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We are dedicated to our students.

It doesn't matter your experience level. We focus on horsemanship first. We feel if you have a solid foundation, you'll excel in all levels in life. We are not stuffy, hoity toity instructors. Instead we focus on fun, safety, communication, leadership and gritty hard work. 

Beginner riders will learn the fundamentals necessary to improve horsemanship skills. We'll focus on control and communication on the ground and in the saddle. They'll learn why the horse behaves a certain way and how to influence his behaviors to their benefit. 

Intermediate riders will improve their equitation and develop effective aids while learning how to navigate more difficult gaits and courses. Their hard work is rewarded with the opportunity to join the show team and extra barn time to learn more.

Horses are hard work and sometimes lessons can include teaching ground lessons such as leading, lunging, grooming, tacking up, and yes, even cleaning a stall.

We are a small, niche program that caters to children ages 4 through 18.  Availability is limited. We do not offer trail rides or rentals. Our horses comfort is our top priority.

Beginner Private Lesson 1-hour $70

English or Western: This lesson comprises working towards the rider’s goals, while also teaching them how to properly prepare a horse for a ride.

Beginner students learn how to groom, tack up, mount, and control the horse.

Intermediate students will work on improving their equitation and horsemanship in every ride.
You must be 6 or older to take this type of lesson. 

 Littles 30 minute - $50

Ages 4 to 6: This is a safely led horse ride geared towards having fun safely and feeling comfortable on the horse. It's causal and the horse is contained in a small pen or on lead line with someone walking the horse.

Semi-Private Group 1 hr $55

Reserved for intermediate riders who have been approved by current riding instructor. These are great, structured lessons of no more than three riders ready to work on the same skills as others in their class. We work on courses, patterns, poles etc.

Intermediate Private 1 hour $60

English Riders Only

This lesson type is for riders who are confident on the ground and can groom and tack up a horse independently.  They have shown excellent control at the walk and trot and are ready to learn more advanced techniques and equitation.

Intermediate Student 30 min - $50

Intermediate students will be expected to be tacked up and warmed up by the start of the 30-minute lesson. They are expected to remain after their lesson to untack and cool out the horse. Unless you are a young leadline rider (age 4 to 6), we expect you to be independent when taking these lessons

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Our daughter has been riding with A&A Equestrian for 3 years now. Caitey has been a dedicated, motivating coach, guiding our daughter through her very first lesson as a beginner to now jumping in shows and learning dressage patterns. Caitey always puts the needs of her students first and tailors each lesson, as well as long-term goals, to what each student needs and wants to accomplish. Her communication before and after each lesson with both students and parents is consistent, informative and encouraging. Her passion for all things equestrian is evident in her teaching style and her enthusiasm is contagious - I’m grateful both Caitey and A&A Equestrian have continued to be a positive influence in our daughter’s life.