Horse Club

Horse Club is for the true horse lover!  Treat your horse loving kid to 3 wonderful hours at the barn on a Saturday morning.  Children get a ride time and also learn about how to care for the horses.  $50 for 3 hours.  (Discount for Current Active Students)

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Riding Lessons

We provide, private and group riding lessons for all ages!  Lessons are educational and fun!  We can customize your lesson to include horse care, horse ownership, shows, barrel racing, jumping, gaited riding or any other interest you have. 

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Local Equine Events

We are very active in the horse community.  We attend local Horse Shows, Trail Rides and more.

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Bringing Horses to People

A&A Equestrian Coaches, LLC  focus on teaching people about all about horses.  We have a passion to teach, safe, fun horsemanship.

Our instructors are knowledgeable about horses and have an ability to teach you or your child all about them.  We teach English, Western and Speed events.  We focus on safety first and like to keep lessons fun and educational.

Our horses are kind and experienced, noble steeds.  The take good care of their rider, yet offer enough challenge so that the rider can learn proper riding.   Our students grow to love our horses and often help take care of them too.


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