Our Partners

Without them, we are nothing.

In our program, our horses come first. 

This means we may not be able to have the nicest stuff or the best of breed, but what we do have are happy horses.

They are not treated as machines.

We do not offer rentals or casual rides.

This also means that we keep our program exclusive. We cannot service every rider.


From the Horses Mouth

Hi, I'm Little Foot and I guess you can say I'm the Founding Member's Favorite. I'm in my mid-twenties but the vet says I have the body of a twelve-year-old.  I wasn't always this well cared for, my body has the tells of a hard life early on. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the life of a lesson horse when Alisha purchased me seven years ago. Not every horse or pony is suited for this lifestyle, but it turned out that I'm really good at teaching kids how to speak horse. 

Sisco here. Alisha bought me when I was only four years old. I was supposed to be her personal horse but I'm so much fun to ride that she was forced to share me.

Hi, I'm Kraken. I belong to Alley. I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Ranger here! I'm the newest member of the lesson herd and I am having a blast learning the ropes from Little Foot. He hates me because I might be cuter than him, but he's got all the tips and tricks to make it in this world.

Uh, I think my name is Otis. That's what the squeally, touchy, feely lady calls me. I like the clicker training she's doing with me. It's the first time anyone has ever given me the option of participating in these human games. I've always had opinions about riding but Caitey seems to listen to what I want for a fresh change. Don't tell her, but I've fallen in love.

Meet The Real Team