About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hoity toity we are not.

We may be informal, but we are an exclusive riding school that subscribes to quality over quantity. This means, you won't be chunked in a group lesson with ten other riders. Whether you ride for fun or to show, we are your biggest cheerleader. 

We are passionate about horses.


Our Story

Alisha got her start in 1975 at the tender age of four. Her first real ride was a hard-knock one but even bolting ponies can't keep a true horse-girl down. She achieved her goal of horse ownership at age eight and never looked back. She discovered her love of teaching in her teens. "I never forgot what life of yearning for horses felt like. So I shared my horse and knowledge with my horse-crazy friends." 

Alisha started officially teaching in 2000 and her students have grown to be successful equestrians. She is proud of all her "kiddos"' but when she met Caitey at her first lesson in 2007, she knew this gal was something special. Caitey is now the Managing Director (partner) of A&A Equestrian. 

Alexis and Alley are also former students who have a passion for teaching the next generation all about horses.

Meet The Team